Eto nanaman ako


Kung ikaw nga ba ay susulatan

Di naman kasi yun ang aking pinangako


Di parin ba ako susuko?

Tanong sa sarili ng paulitulit

Sa mga panahong hindi ko masulit

Ang pagusapan ang aking puso


Ikaw, ano sa tingin mo?

Ang makakapagintindi

Netong pasakit na nananatili?

Nananatili, sa bibig ko…


I Thought So

I thought I would successfully ignore you
But no
I thought wrong

Just one glimpse of you
And my smile just appears
Just one word from you
I wouldn’t stop talking either

I thought I would successfully forget you
But no
I thought wrong

Just one moment with you
And my feelings just blooms
Just one look from you
I couldn’t stop melting

I thought I would never like you
But no
I thought wrong

to live or to leave

i’m confused
am i the problem
in this situation
of silent screams
and hidden thoughts

i’m confused if
there’s still a reason
for the baffled smiles,
the loud music,
from behind the doors

i’m still confused
do you still want me here
in this rotten home of
melting sweets
and flying laughs

i’m confused
if i still want to live
in this world of
long-sleeved scars
and a lot of broken hearts


dot, girl.

i can honestly tell
that i am filled up
with so much jealousy

the touch of a girl’s hand
on yours
burns my eyes

the look of that girl
to your body
makes me want to go blind

with that girl, that smile
on your eyes
creeps the whole of me

for you are more
than just a friend
yet i am less than one

paper cuts;

you see
i’ve never had a paper cut before
maybe i had
but this is the first time
i felt this kind of pain
or maybe not

i was just eating some french fries
from a paper bag
then suddenly i felt that
sting on my pointing finger
it hurts
so much
it looks like just a small
slice on my finger
but it fucking hurts
so much

i realized i got nothing
to worry about
it’s just a small sting
but as i kept walking
the pain continues
and it still hurts

then i realized that
it’s similar to loving

i was just casually
passing by
just appreciating your
beauty and goodness
and suddenly—
just like that
i felt a sting
and it kind of hurts
so much
not knowing you is
enough pain
but you, not knowing me
became more

you sliced my heart
i don’t know how you do it
but you did
and it fucking hurts
so much