November Blues

Baka sakaling eto na ang aking huling sulat para sa’yo
Hindi ko naman akalain na aabot tayo sa ganito
Pero sana pagbigyan mo ako ngayon
Kung kailan unti na lang ang panahon

Ito na nga ba ang sinasabi ko
Inaasahan ko na, na aabot tayo sa ganito
Magbabago, magbabago nga ang iyong pagtingin
Pero sana ‘wag kang maawa sa akin

Alam kong madami ang pinaglalaban mo
Walang makakapigil sa mga gusto mo
Kaya eto, hindi kita pipigilan
Kung ang gusto mo ay ako’y iwan

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Such a waste of —

Now, this is my chance. My chance to finally tell the world what you meant to me.

You were a mere stranger to me. Someone I accidentally met online. Someone who I thought was looking for something else. Someone who I thought will only last for a short period of time. And then we started talking. And we just kept on talking like as if we were already that close. You were so cool. You were so sweet and cute. You were perfect.

But we didn’t meet.

We never met before all of these started crumbling down to pieces. Have you ever asked yourself the what if’s of this situation? What if we made a way to see each other? What if we never met? What if we stopped talking? What if we lose connection? What if you gave us a chance, would there be less pain? Would there be more happy memories?

I didn’t love you. I wasn’t in love with you. It’s just that I really really like you. And I kind of want to spend the rest of my life with you, just talking to you and getting to know you more and more. I just don’t understand why you didn’t want that. What was lacking in me? What’s wrong with me?

If only you were not afraid of taking risks. If only you were not afraid of looking me in the eye. If only you made me meet you anywhere. If only you believed that I was willing to do anything for you. If only…but all of these if’s didn’t happen. This is what happened.

I guess, until now, we still haven’t met. Even our feelings haven’t met, even halfway.


Wasted chances.

Wasted time.

Wasted efforts.

Wasted mine.

When You Thought You’re Finally Doing Okay

I thought I was finally doing okay. I thought that I finally know how to be happy. I thought I was already done with my depressed state. But guess who’s going back to that pit hole of darkness again?

I definitely know what triggered it. But, of course just like before, I still don’t know why that was a trigger for me. Am I just petty? Am I just sensitive? Am I just selfish? I can’t help but think that I’m just being “maarte” even though no one’s telling me that I am…well because I don’t share these feelings to them. I can’t even tell these to my friends or my family because the thought that they’ve had so much of me already or that they have it worse keeps killing me.

Funny how just a week before this day, I was doing okay. I was finally dancing again. I was surrounded with people who I thought understands me and who I thought believes in me. I was dreaming of a really nice future ahead of me. I was planning things again because I wanted to do new things. I wanted to meet someone new.

And now everything just crumbled down just like that. Just because of one simple task I didn’t do. Just because I was feeling possessive and clingy. Just because, I was being me.

Now I’m back sulking on my bed while binge-watching a series all day. I don’t have any energy to do anything inside the house. I just keep on eating and sleeping. I would follow my feelings more instead of thinking if what I’m doing would be logical or not. I’m drowning in my emotions. Suddenly, I became a lot clingier, makes me push people away instead of making them stay which is what I really want. Suddenly I’m making more impulsive decisions. There’s too much emotions in my head right now which makes me want to cry all the time.

I’m back to this state. I thought I was done making myself cry all the time because of the feeling that I am worth nothing. I thought I was finally making good decisions for myself for choosing the right people to be with, the right person to spend time with, and the right path I’m supposed to go through. I thought I was making myself happy. I guess, I thought wrong.

july ten twenty seventeen

It’s one of those days,


When you’re feeling like everything seems so wrong

Even the people around you

When you’re feeling like you don’t want to move

Even just listening to a conversation


I woke up

Already feeling that today’s going to be a tiring day

I did all what I planned to do

And still I feel like I haven’t done enough


Talking to him was the cherry on top of my day

He balanced everything just right


When I was feeling unsure of myself

He was there to make sure that I am not

When I was feeling affectionate

He was there to catch that feeling


I was required to move and feel the music

But I was not feeling the moment

I was supposed to think strategically

But I was just so lost at that moment


And now it’s almost 11pm,


I just finished eating chicken with herb-lemon cream sauce

I just finished drinking milk to make me fall asleep

I just finished a cigarette to calm my mind

I just finished taking a cold bath to wash off the toxicity of the day


Let me just say

That I fucking deserve a rest

It will not take the emptiness and sadness away

But at least I will forget it in some other way

Movie Review: Mommy (2014)

It’s been a long time since I made a movie review in this blog because I somehow find it hard to process my thoughts for a movie, but this film is different because it got to me. It’s so brilliant I would definitely recommend it to others.

Note: There may be spoilers in my review.

Letterboxd rating: 5/5

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I am convinced that my eighteenth year was full of things I would like to keep. The memories, the achievements, and the people in it. Everything is worth remembering. Even those moments that broke me apart. It’s worth it because I somehow gained something from it. All those new learnings in life, new perspectives, and new things to believe in.

So here’s a list of things I learned from my eighteenth year in this world and some concrete experiences that I would like to share:

  • Take a risk.

    Whether it’s that new opportunity for your passion or that new possible lover, take a risk to try it. Something new isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s a way for your improvement in life. I remember feeling scared of taking a huge step of becoming one of the committee heads for the group but I know that I really want to be part of it. I want to try to be a leader since I’ve grown to be a follower instead. Because I know I am capable of it. And so I did and I will continue to improve myself.

  • Confidence is beautiful.

    It’s another thing when you talk about how make-up can make you really pretty, but during my eighteenth year I realized that being confident with yourself and what you are is much more beautiful. Regardless of how tired you look, when you’re confident with what you’re working on. It will work out. All those rushed training hours because of sudden performances, all those rushed projects because of limited time, and all those rushed reviews for an exam, when you’re confident that you will get through it and has exerted enough effort for it, you will finish it with no regrets (siguro, unti lang hehe).

  • Be true to yourself and to others.

    This year, I also realized that being that quiet one will not work out for the rest of your lives. Sometimes you really have to speak out. Tell others what you feel. Tell them what you firmly believe in regardless if it’s not what they want to hear. Tell the people who you love that you love them. Opinions are important in this world full of contradictions and hypocrites. Do whatever you want as long as that’s what you want. If it means calling that guy you hooked up with for a couple of weeks now just because you want another shot, then go for it. Don’t let the thought of them hating you control you. Be true.

  • It’s totally okay to take a rest.

    Especially when you’re feeling too tired the fire in you can’t even light up again. Recharge if you have to even if it means having to sacrifice something important in your life. It was a really hard decision for me to stop dancing for a while (for a semester) because I want to focus on my academics and because I really feel the need to. I remember feeling lost because I was not active and I was training for something but the rest helped me a lot. Now the fire and passion for dancing is back.

  • Open your horizons to new people.

    Don’t limit yourself to your best friends. Sometimes, you definitely need new kinds of people to talk to. You will learn a lot from them. It doesn’t matter how shy you are, some people are extrovert enough to carry a really nice conversation making you remember that person and making you want to be friends with them.

  • Remove the toxic people in your life as soon as you can.

    Don’t let them control your feelings and emotions. As soon as you feel like they’re not good for you, forget them. This is one thing I find hard to do but I know that I should. Forget about them even if it means totally ignoring them even if you pass by each other in a campus so little it’s as if every people you know knows each other as well.

  • Trust and give in only to a few people.

    Because some people will only take advantage of you and your vulnerability. Some people will only use you because you can give them what they want. Some people will forget about you the moment you give them something they can be proud of. Wow lang noh? Hindi ako pang ego booster lang. Gago.

  • Continue to love yourself and don’t forget to keep on empowering yourself and other people.

    Most important of them all—yourself. Take care of yourself, baby girl. By this I mean everything—your health, your emotions, and your relationships with people. Don’t ever forget the reason why you’re still here.