july ten twenty seventeen

It’s one of those days,


When you’re feeling like everything seems so wrong

Even the people around you

When you’re feeling like you don’t want to move

Even just listening to a conversation


I woke up

Already feeling that today’s going to be a tiring day

I did all what I planned to do

And still I feel like I haven’t done enough


Talking to him was the cherry on top of my day

He balanced everything just right


When I was feeling unsure of myself

He was there to make sure that I am not

When I was feeling affectionate

He was there to catch that feeling


I was required to move and feel the music

But I was not feeling the moment

I was supposed to think strategically

But I was just so lost at that moment


And now it’s almost 11pm,


I just finished eating chicken with herb-lemon cream sauce

I just finished drinking milk to make me fall asleep

I just finished a cigarette to calm my mind

I just finished taking a cold bath to wash off the toxicity of the day


Let me just say

That I fucking deserve a rest

It will not take the emptiness and sadness away

But at least I will forget it in some other way


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