Movie Review: Mommy (2014)

It’s been a long time since I made a movie review in this blog because I somehow find it hard to process my thoughts for a movie, but this film is different because it got to me. It’s so brilliant I would definitely recommend it to others.

Note: There may be spoilers in my review.

Letterboxd rating: 5/5

There’s a lot of strong points in this movie, and I would like to appreciate it one by one:

First, the colors in this movie is breathtaking. Everything is so balanced and modern. It’s appropriate enough for every part of the story, the characters, and of course the setting of the film. The colors used in this film helped a lot in developing the feels as you keep on watching the film.

Second, the incredible shots that are really satisfying.

Third, and really the one thing that made me hooked until the end even though the film is two and a half hours long is the unique use of a 1:1 screen all throughout the movie. But here’s the catch, every time there’s a feeling of happiness, the screen stretches out.

So here’s what I interpreted with that unique technique and how it made an effect on the storytelling. Every single one of the characters is enclosed and stuck in that small space which is their lives. They’re being held in with their problems, their fucked up emotions, and their struggles. You can see that everything that is happening in that 1:1 screen is what they’re going through–the reality. The reality is that everything is a problem. Nothing can be solved that easily.

And then, we look at some scenes where in the screen is stretched out. Here, everything is whimsical. It’s as if nothing bad happened between them. There was even a dream sequence in that stretched out screen. Which means that when you’re outside the box, there are more impossibilities and possibilities. There are things that you can’t reach–things that are too good to be true.

Yes, like being free just like what Steve here is experiencing.

There are other things that made this a great film. Acting is brilliant. I wasn’t able to see any resistance from the actors. They have adapted their characters perfectly. This film also has a really interesting story line. Kind of similar with We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011), but there really is a huge difference between the two. In here, there’s a huge bond between mother and son. Violence is involved but Steve here is more kind than Kevin. I really felt how Diane wants what’s best for Kevin even though he’s been bad.

The only confusing part for me is the role of Kyla. I know she taught Steve, she kind of helped made Diane her decision to take Steve to the hospital, and that she has a husband and a daughter. But I kind of feel like she really made an impact on Steve because she reminds him of his father, stated in the first half of the movie when she attacked Steve. It’s just my theory.

All in all, what a really great movie. Applause!


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