Ay, 19 na pala ako?

This is my first time posting photos of me (although, edited hehe). And medyo gusto ko na din maging blog for rants and other shit ko ‘to. Kaya nag-tagalog na ako bigla. Pero I’m still going to continue posting paragraphs and poetry na formal because sometimes I’m just really in the mood for writing those kind of stuff.

Yesterday was my birthday and I don’t want to get in to the deep shithole I felt but I’m going straight to what are my goals for my nineteenth year. I just really want to improve myself more. Dancing, academics, jowa. Charot. I need to lose some fucking weight, get rid of the fat, and be fit as fuck. I want to compete this year, araneta stage, please. Higher grades, of course! Start my practicum na din! More knowlegde about the field I’ll be specializing–Urban Forestry. Jusko naman quotang-quota ka na nung eighteen ka, bawas-bawasan ang kalandian.

This is my last teen year so I don’t want to make it dramatic. I want more adventures. I want more new people. I want new relationships. I want serious relationships. I’m near adulthood and I can’t even see myself as being a stable person during this time of year. Hopefully, next year I can somehow see a spark of light in that aspect.


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