Needed a new environment to be able to learn to appreciate

I started this semester with a lot in my head. I was running after a boy who didn’t like me back, I was thinking if I will continue my dancing, and I was depressed. Add it up with the fact that all of my subjects consists of majors except for one. It was too stressing for me, I guess I got overwhelmed. There was so much to think about that in the end I needed to sacrifice one. It was dancing. I chose to stop for one semester because of the academic load that overwhelmed me and the fact that dancing or the group was the main cause of my stress and depression from last semester.

Since I didn’t had training for four hours, I was able to enjoy my college night life. Finally. For the first few weeks, I would always be out drinking with my friends. Alcohol was my friend. I also found a new friend, cigarettes. Yosi, pare. Told myself I would just take them whenever I’m drinking but guess who made it a habit to at least have one every day? Slightly regretting it because of my dancing but also not because it definitely soothes my stressful days.

I also definitely met a whole lot of new people. From the inumans to my classes, my socializing game definitely went up from an average. There were still shy moments (I can never take it out of my system) but I still got to communicate with these people. I got to hang out with other people too. And because of this, this semester also opened me to different kinds of people and I got to understand and accept them.

But when it got to the middle of the semester, the hype of my life went from its highest to the lowest. Suddenly people were not talking to me anymore—those new people. Suddenly I would go back to my apartment too early that my body won’t sleep unless it went outside at least. Suddenly all those new friends and new experiences were stuck in that phase of my life, it’s like I didn’t bring them while I kept on living my life. It was like life just made me taste it.

I also got a little serious when it comes to my academics. I would study two nights before, sometimes. I’m also focused enough to remember stuff. I can also say that I passed all my subjects this semester and it was fulfilling considering my GWA from last semester. This was definitely an improvement. Hope this continues even when I come back to dancing. Which lead me to my next point.

This semester I also realized how deeply in love I already am with the group and dancing. Whenever I can, I would always give time to them at least. I would get news from them. Which made me want to go back, and now here I am. I ended the semester as the new elected finance committee head of the group. I ended the semester kind of satisfied with my academics. I ended the semester happy and okay. I needed this semester, free from anything.

Here’s to another successful semester with new knowledge and experiences!


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