Real Talk

I don’t if it’s healthy or not but maybe sometimes all you need is someone who puts everything not on a silver plate but on a really messy plate and serve it right in front of you with no any decorations of some sort, just that plain main course. Someone who tells you the bad shit about you. Someone who tells you what the fuck is wrong with you. Someone who talks real to you.

Maybe it’s just me and my tendencies to just not care about anything about me. I tend to be that person who depends on other people’s opinions when it comes to my decision making. Although usually it’s them talking about what is the right path to take. It is about them giving me good advice about a circumstance that I am currently experiencing.

But this time it’s different.

This certain person literally tells me shitHe keeps on pressing to me all the bad shit that I have done even though I myself has gotten over it. He keeps on telling me how bad of a person I am because of all the bad decisions that I have made. He keeps on telling me that I am ruining my life and all the alcohol drinking, the smoking, and everything else that is bad for your health will make me die. He tells me to stop being too emotional and to stop overthinking too much because it will always lead to stress and I’ve been so stressed lately.

He tells me that I should learn to love my life. 

Personally, at times he tells me these things I feel offended and more shittier than I already was. But after a few moments I would slowly realize that he is right. Everything that he tells me is the reality of this life that I am living. No sugarcoating needed because all I need is the transparent view of the life that I already have–a life I can’t even live right.


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