What These Scars Mean

The first scar was for remembering you. I can’t blame myself. It was for all those memories that we made. It was for those moments where I would stare at my phone and wait for your response. Wait for your response to message which I sent a hours ago and still hasn’t received any reply—or at least a seen.

The second scar was for my neediness. I hate the fact that I felt the need to keep on sending you messages. I hate the fact that I felt that I needed you just for me to keep on going. I hate myself for being too clingy to you when in fact I don’t even know what your complete intentions are to me.

The third scar was for expecting too much. I expected too much from you.

The fourth scar was for my dignity. I gave everything to you. I gave too much. I gave up a lot of time and effort just so we can stay together and yet you didn’t give me anything back. I gave my naked soul all to you and you take it all, and just threw it back to me just like that.

And it hurts. These scars hurt. And it will remind me of how I was a fool for you. How I just made fun of myself. Once these scars heal, hopefully, my heart will heal the same.



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