I Won’t Be Closing My Door Unless You Tell Me To

We’re unofficial. We’re not even a thing. We’re nothing. We’re just friends. But we both know that there’s so much more than the friendship between us. After all those late night texts, deep conversations, and the openness to the vulnerability of the other. We understand each other as if we already know what goes on through each other’s mind all the time.

I’ve not been dealing with such relationships for four years already. I’ve not been open about my feelings to anyone since then because I’ve been hurt so bad. I’ve not been telling the people I like that I like them because I’m scared.

But with you, you make me want to take this risk. Although it seems like you’re not yet in it with me. And I understand that.

I am willing to wait for you but unless you tell me that I have something to wait for, I won’t be closing my door for new feelings.

Unless you tell me that you’ll be there for me even though we’re not actually “in a relationship,” I’ll be leaving my door open for new relationships. I will be ready to meet new people. I will be there to get to know them.

When you finally assure me that you’ll stay and won’t leave me hanging, that’s when I’ll close the door. That’s when I’ll give my all to you. Because that’s when I know that my waiting will be worth it.

I know I like you. I feel that you like me too. But not unless you tell me that you like me back. I won’t be closing my heart for anyone. My heart will still be open for anybody. I will be open for anyone who wants to get to know me and I will be open to get to know them.

So yeah, this is me pressuring you to tell me now whether you do like me back or you don’t. It’s simple as that. Please.


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