Please, Take a Chance on Me

I know I’m a really messed up girl. I know that I don’t even understand myself at all. I know that I still lack the confidence and the right self-esteem to fully love myself.

But right now I know that I need you and your trust in me.

I know that you believe in me the way I believe in you. I know that you understand me the way that I understand you. I know that you’re always there for me the way that I’m always there for you.

But, you see, that’s problem. It’s all just what I know not what I already know. Nothing that I’m sure of. All of these are just things I assume.

You’re something that I know I can have but not sure of it. Yet all I need is you and your habit of taking chances. Please, selfish as this sounds, take a chance on me.

I don’t expect you to fix me.

I don’t expect you to like me back so much.

I don’t expect anything else from you but a chance to clear all this mess up.

I just want to clear the mess that I did with our really great friendship. Take a chance on me, let me fix this. Let me fix the mess I made with our growing relationship because I don’t want anything to get broken. I just want us to stick together—friends or acquaintances. Anything works for me as long as you’re right here, as long as you’ll stay.


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