An Open Letter To The Boys Who Are Not Ready For New Relationships Yet

First of all, please don’t make it as an excuse for you to tell me that there’s no chance for us. Because I know that there is always a chance for everything. Which leads me to the fact to please give me a chance. Please give us a chance.

If you’re scared of the weight being in a relationship has, don’t worry, because I’m ready to carry all of it while you take care of your own personal problems. I’m ready to think about my, yours, and our own problems. That’s how much I like you.

I understand that you have your own goals and dreams to achieve right now. I understand that being in a relationship is not a part of it. But I also have those kinds of dreams and goals, and you’re one of it. I really want to pursue you, but you see, it will not work unless we work together.

Do me a favor and at least for once, admit to me one thing: if you like me back or you really do not.

Because as we continue to talk and get to know each other, it’s getting harder for me to understand your mixed signals. Well, for a starter, at least tell me that you’re really not ready so that I’ll just stop expecting anything from you. At least tell me to stop pursuing you because I’ll keep going unless you tell me to stop already.

Because unlike you, I’m ready. Even though my past experiences with such stuff really hit me hard that I can’t believe I’m ready for this. Even though I know I’m not really sure with how your feelings are, but I’m sure that my feelings want you. Even though I know that it’s possible that you might completely reject me and that it will hurt real bad.

But being friends is totally okay for me, for now. Because my feelings is not at its highest yet. But please don’t wait for my feelings to reach its peak for you to tell me that friendship is all you can offer to me. Please be sensitive, at least.

I know all these may all sound selfish but I just also want you to know that I’m always here to understand you. That with me, I’m your listener, I’m your comforter, I’m your supporter. I just really like you and want to be with you all the time.


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