Post-HIMYM Thoughts

I just recently finished watching How I Met Your Mother which was aired from 2005-2014. I know I’m kind of late for the hype of it but this was the only free time I had since college started and the patience to wait for such torrents, IYKWIM, for the length of the series since it has nine seasons and a lot of episodes in it. At the end of it, I didn’t even regret any of it. It was definitely worth the watch. Kinda.

The series was light—there was no heavy drama and it just focused mainly on the relationships of each character and the question of how Ted did met the mother. That’s the thing why I loved the series as I continue to watch season after season. You’re free to laugh to jokes you finally understand as a young adult. You’re free to cry at events that you feel because you know that you’ve been thinking about that, that it might happen to you. You’re free to get bored at some episodes so you fall asleep, that’s why you’re also free to replay the said episode again just to understand what happened. But then sometimes you just give up so you end up sleeping again. Then you realize that you really didn’t missed anything because in every episode one thing is consistent—it is about their friendship…and failed relationships.

(The next part contains huge series spoilers. Be careful for those who haven’t watched the series yet. Sorry. Can’t help it.)

As much as how I love the series, there were just some disappointing factors that made me think, “WHY? Why does this need to happen?” and then cried inside.

First and forever will be my biggest what if in this series, the Barney and Robin relationship. Like what the hell? My heart totally sunk when that ended. I was hoping that they will be that couple which was bad at relationships at first but then proves to everyone that it never had to end, because I thought change was possible in this series. I guess not.

In the end, Barney is still that lady’s man and Robin is still that girl who’s so hard to understand you don’t even know where to begin. This totally sucks because I was hoping that the characters will develop the maturity because they were already forty years old. Nevertheless, maturity and development of the characters was still seen in Lily and Marshall. Maybe because of the big plot twist that happened in their lives, they got married and had a child. Kudos to them, they were the only mature characters in the end who act their age.

This leads me to my next and last disappointing factor—the freaking ending. Yes, I am one of them who hated the original ending. Everything that happened in the series was great and all, there were funny moments, there were moments when you just realize how much of your life you wasted, and there were unforgettable moments. Another thing is that the mother was absolutely great! She and Ted were so perfect for each other so why end it that way. The very last thing I wanted for Ted was to go running for a girl, again. Ted deserves to be happy in the end. Yet they still went for the ending where he goes running to that girl who broke his heart so many times already even though we all know that girl was the love of his life.

But we all have that one person who will stay the love of our lives yet we will not spend the rest of our lives with because just loving that person is enough. Spending the future with someone we really get along with is another thing and I believe that is what we need.

We don’t need that person who broke our heart a lot of times already but we still love them in the end because I assure you, that person will keep on hurting us. When we’re with that person who we get along with, we will try to understand them and in the end we will because we need them. And that for me is already love.

So yeah, what the hell?

I was already getting the hint that mother is dead while I was reaching the end of the series because one thought was in my head, why would Ted even tell his kids the story of how he met their mother and then people were also telling me that the end would hurt the hell out of me. They were absolutely right.

Thankfully, I found the alternate ending in YouTube which was enough. That was the ending that I wanted. The ending that was sincere and true and nothing near forced.

Anyway, this is for my point of view. I have read other’s comments that the original ending was more realistic because it was pretty obvious that Ted really loved Robin so they would really end up together in the end. Well, that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Post-HIMYM Thoughts

  1. Well I agree the ending wasn’t good enough
    The whole season you love the way Robin & Barney mature & immediately there’s divorce (Though there was a 3yrs. gap but for us it wasn’t)
    Yes it made sense that the mother died & to move on Ted starts narrating the story
    But, you feel bad for Barney’s ending
    If the makers really wanted Ted to just settle with Robin at the end then I would’ve been happy seeing Barney turning into a nice guy & setting with Nora instead


  2. Love this show! Ted Mosby has so much heart, he has to be one of my favourite fictional characters. And once I really thought about it, I really really liked the ending – because his kids had a point… the whole show WAS about Robin. He was trying to justify his relationship with her, and whilst i didn’t like the storyline of her and Barney, I think it was only right that they ending up together. But after just seeing that alternative ending, that was pretty good too. Either way, Its an awesome show. Great post!


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