What A 17-year old Does When Eveything Seems To Go Wrong

  1. Watch a series or a movie. For the past months, I’ve been watching a lot of movies and has watched a number of TV series and it never failed to make me feel amazing. Well except for the fact that most of these made my emotions so confused I think I went numb for a while back there.
  2. Clean my things. I kind of have this theory that once I put my things in place, clean my room, and just make my own space neat as possible it’s my way of saying that I also want to take control of my life. I also want to start anew. I also want a clean and neat life. And besides, it takes our mind off other things right?
  3. Just write those feelings down, even though it may sound like you’re just ranting and all, writing down your feelings and slowly concluding why you’ve been feeling that way will definitely help. It will not solve anything that will make things right, but it will help.
  4. Call your family. Friends just kind of make me feel like I still need to socialize, and most times when everything is wrong I feel tired of it so I just turn to my family. Just a simple call from them will make everything alright. It will help me remember the reason why I’m still conquering this world despite feeling so tired and hopeless.
  5. Sleep and then wake up the next day pretending that this day that went wrong didn’t happen.

Well, these worked for me. And I’m still living until today. Sometimes down, sometimes up. It’s a real roller coaster here inside my head.


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