So Much for Being a Hopeless Romantic

Last night, my friend and I were chatting and we suddenly talked about Jadine’s Hanap-hanap. So I started listening to it while she was listening to it for three hours already.

And it just badly reminded me how hopeless romantic I get every time I listen to this song. It makes me feel like I want to fall in love all over again. It makes me wish that I have that someone who would sing this song to me. It makes me want to crawl right to my crush and tell him that I really like him and that he’s all I want right now.

Pathetic as it sounds I would constrantly think why I’m alone and has no relationship yet. Two years na akong nasa UP wala pa din? Two years na akong nasa college anek nasan na ang love life? We all know how single life is so much better than having someone who will feel obligated to talk to you just because you’re his girlfriend. But the fact that someone will be there fr you when you feel alone just makes it all better.

I know, I know. Friends are there for those stuff. Pero iba kasi talaga kapag boyfriend-girlfriend, alam mo yun?

But sometimes I think that I am so much of a hopeless romantic that the more I wish for a relationship, life always finds a way to fuck things up and make things shitty for me. It seems like life likes to see me as a mess and don’t want me to be fixed.

Or looking at the bright side, life wants me to be fixed first  before I enter a relationship.


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