New, new things, and I love them

Done with the second semester.

Finally got all my grades.And everything is okay.

I’m officially done with my second year in college.

My course is a four-year course. Half of it is done and hopefully, I only have two more years left. This year is a great turning point for me. Everything happened so fast. So many things changed. So many people were added up in my list of college people that should be remembered. This year was so much fun in spite of the subjects that I took, this year made me better. I got better.

This year I finally got the courage to pursue what I really love to do. There were so many organizations I could’ve joined that could’ve helped in my academics or basta those things that could help me with my social problems, pero I still chose joining SJDC. Di ko alam kung paano ko na encourage yung sarili ko na pumunta sa orientation nila mag-isa, na mag-audition mag-isa, at harapin ang lahat simula na ‘to mag-isa? Maybe because I really am destined to be there. Kinikilig ako kapag naalala ko yung mga texts na pasado daw ako sa auditions and all. Kinikilig talaga ako!

Of course, alongside that I got to mingle with so many different people. As in. My social skills were tested, I had to push myself to talk to people and understand people even though they’re kind of irritating.

All this happened during the first semester of my second year.

And that was the semester when I took Taxonomy again and I finally got our only Chemistry subject. Everything turned out well in the end. Except for the fact that I unfortunately got an INC in one GE subject because of my stupidity. Never again.

Second semester is better. So, so much better.

Basically everything about this semester is focused mainly on SJDC. I’ve been dancing so much. I got the chance to perform in campus. I became part of a company production. I got to know the other members more. I became close to a lot of the members. I spent a lot of time with them. I was opened to different issues.

I finally fell in love with the group, completely.

Everything was worth it–yung pagod, yung pawis, yung paguwi ng sobrang late, yung kulang kulang na tulog. The aftermath of the production was so fulfilling.

Sorry for bragging, but this semester is the only semester that I have no failing grade, I have no DRP nor INC. It is a perfect semester. Regardless of my 3.00, it’s still a great semester for me.

Also, boys? Hmm. I have this someone in mind. But I don’t know. But I’m pursuing. I see hope. Officially met him during the second semester and yeah. *insert a smiling emoticon, blushing*

It may seem that my world just revolved around SJDC and academics but nope. I also became more closer to my friends. We still find time so that we can spend time together. So that we can hangout.

My first year was my adjustment period. And now that I have adjusted, it became better. I got better. I really thought this wouldn’t happen. I thought I’ll stay a loner. I thought I’ll never find that someone that I could tell all the things that keeps me awake at night. I thought I’ll never be okay. Thank God, miracles happen.



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