Movie Review: Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

What would you do if you’ve always wanted some company because you’ve been alone for so long? Of course, get along with people. Talk to them. Socialize. But Lars’ way is different.

Lars is a great boy, he is loved by everyone in town because of how kind he is. He would always help whoever needs it. He listens to people who needs someone to listen to. At the same time, people in town are also there for him. Nothing really seems wrong until he brings home a doll and introduces it (or her) as his girlfriend.


For me, I thought Lars was just asking for attention. You know, the usual child’s play. You do something unusual so that people will look at you and thus you will have their attention. The way he always talks about Bianca (the doll) to other people, showing her off and telling them stories about her. Until I realized that the way he was talking about Bianca’s life stories is like the way someone would talk about his own story. The way he was possessive of Bianca. Which made me think that what if Bianca is a symbol of Lars?

Bianca could also be someone that Lars created so that he would never feel alone. I think Lars’ way of thinking slowly changed when Karin pointed out to him that everything that town is doing for Bianca is for him because they love him. Through that Lars became assured that people are there for him regardless of the fact that he was left alone in his past. It was just the assurance that he needed for him to make decisions that affected Bianca and for him to finally move on.


Ryan Gosling definitely did a great job playing Lars. The child-like attitude and the awkwardness was there. It was hard to read his facial expressions which was just right for his character who was trying to hide his feelings and emotions.

I thought this was going to be a really weird movie because of the doll thing, but I was wrong. Everyone just really needs that someone in their life to talk to, to help them and listen to them, and to guide them. Lars needed that. And he slowly found it. Even if it means getting in a relationship with a doll first.


Rating: 4/5


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