Movie Review: Almost Famous (2000)

Nothing beats meeting your favorite rock band so young you just can’t understand them the way the older fans do but as you go along with their journey to being famous you slowly realize everything. Everything makes sense now–the why’s, what’s and how’s of rock n’ roll. Nothing beats getting to do what you want at a really young age. Nothing beats finally realizing that you love someone even if you’re just a kid.

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Almost Famous shows a great mix of writing and rock n’ roll. The complexity of writing plus the authenticity of rock n’ roll equals a great movie about a 15-year old boy’s adventure with a rock band with an article for Rolling Stone to write about them. William Miller becomes open to the world of rock bands, groupies, and, well, pressure.

William’s character progresses from a too young for his age kind of boy to a boy who understands what love and passion is. But it was seen that even when he was young he can already understand how life works but it was through his adventure with Stillwater, the rock band, wherein he knows how unpredictable and complex life really is.

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One thing is consistent with William throughout the movie, his observant personality. He’s not so much of a talker, expect when he needs to interview a band member, yet he is able to realize a lot of things with just being observant of what’s happening around him. Because he is the youngest in the group he is with, he has this honest aura.

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The movie shows a lot of rock n’ roll which I really liked, to be honest. The real things that happens behind-the-scenes or off-stage. The mysterious appeal of band members and their angst. The famous groupies or in this movie’s perspective, the “Band Aid’s.” Most of all, this movie showed that the only important thing is the music.

“It’s not about money. It’s about the music and turning people on.”

Even though it’s heartbreaking for me to see a young one’s passion to just drift away just like that because of some lame band member who sabotaged his article, this movie still says a lot about priorities. William’s urge to go home for his graduation despite the band members saying that getting a diploma is not even important if you’re famous is a clear sign that he still cares for his family and him wanting for his sister and his mother to finally talk to each other is another thing.

Screenshot (14)

Love can be one really tough thing to understand but in this movie it seems like it was just an easy thing. But I can’t blame William and the way he looks at Penny Lane. He’s young and young love is just something.

I’d recommend this movie to people who loves old rock n’ roll and to aspiring writers. But if you want to look back to the old music that really gets you and to feel the thrill of road trips and parties that make you go crazy, just watch this already.

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Rating: 4/5


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