Movie Review: The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

Being a teenager really is one hell of a roller coaster ride. You begin to experience all these emotions. You become curious of life and all the mysteries that lie underneath it. You become a predator hunting for a mate or maybe a prey. You just want to experience everything right in that moment even though you’re not entitled to do so yet, because you’re just still a teenager.

Screenshot (2)

The title basically tells a lot about what the movie is about. It’s about a teenage girl talking about her life, her thoughts, and her darkest secrets. Just like any coming-of-age movie it shows how teenagers are obsessed with sex, alcohol, drugs, relationships, and the idea of love. There’s something just really different with how the story in this movie was told.

The setting of the movie takes place in San Francisco during the 70’s, which explains the pleasant aesthetic it has—the clothes, the buildings, and the way people communicate. I would really like to appreciate the costumes that they used here because it was really some real aesthetic goals. I really liked the vintage vibe it gave to me.

Story line was a cliché kind of good with an added ingredient of something different and complex that makes you want to sit through the whole movie trying to figure out things even though you still kind of guess you know how it will end up. I’m not familiar with the book it was based on so I’m going to stick with what the movie showed me.


It shows this Lolita kind of relationship between Minnie, a 15-year old daughter, and Monroe, her mother’s boyfriend. Minnie, just like any other teenager has her own fantasies and insecurities. She wishes for love, for relationships.

“I want someone to be totally in love with me that they would die if I were gone.”


She wants someone to love her despite the fact that she thinks she’s fat for anyone to even like her. She gets addicted to sex maybe because through it she feels like someone finally appreciates her and her body.

“What’s the point of living if nobody loves you, nobody sees you, nobody touches you?”

But also just like any teenager, she loses attention so easily to things she finally got. She’s inconsistent and still doesn’t know where to go. She still needs her mother, her family.

I know how it feels wishing to be an adult already—I’ve been there—so I can finally do things without my parents’ permission. The struggle of wanting things that I shouldn’t want. The inner complexity of wanting to be perfect for somebody.

Screenshot (4)

But the character of Minne grew as the movie kept on going. From a pitiful girl wanting to have sex and a boyfriend to someone who understands that it’s not all about sex and relationships. Life doesn’t just circle around those things, there is so much more to it.

There were just loopholes that I can’t figure out why it happened.


The vulnerability that Monroe showed to Minnie at one point of the movie, what triggered it? Why did he say “I love you” to her, did he really loved Minnie? Maybe because of the way he looked at her during the end of the movie. Why does Minnie think she has no friends? Maybe because she is weird?

There’s still so many things that needs to be answered and I guess there’s no need because the whole point of the movie is to show the audience a coming-of-age movie—how it is to be a teenager.

To end this, I would recommend this movie to indie junkies who likes to have a ride with their emotions. It will turn your mind upside down, to different kinds of places.


Rating: 4/5


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