Here’s Why Whiplash Got Me

Have you ever had those moments in your life where in you really like doing something and you really believed that you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life because you’re happy doing it? But then during the process you feel like giving up because the pressure and stress is too much to handle. And so you just let all of it off just like that.

Whiplash showed a lot of values needed for you to pursue something that you really want. And it got to me.

Small details like punctuality is indeed a must. I know for a fact that this is true. Like what they would say, sobrang nakaka-relate. It has been instilled in us during training and call times to be always on time. Like what’s in the movie, there’s a huge chance that you will lose your part when you don’t come on time or in our perspective you will lose a really big chance of being part of something if ever you don’t come on time.

Time is really important in these kind of situations, which leads me to patience—lots and lots of it. At first I don’t even understand why people need to shout at you and tell you mean things for you to be pushed to the limit, because people like me who has low emotional stability would break down right there just because of the emotional stress given to us. But maybe that’s how it works—or how those kind of people work.

Terence Fletcher was one mean conductor and people like him exists in the real world. You need to be able to resist such things and to be understanding of them. That even though it hurts emotionally and mentally you need to be patient or else. Andrew broke down for a minute there—wait, nope, he breaks down every time. He was just good at hiding it. And maybe people like me just needs to learn that. (Yeah, even though it will continue to hurt us inside, if you know what I mean.)

Of course, for you to be able to do this you need to be committed. Just like Andrew, when he knows he has an important part to do, he became dedicated to work. Even though it means getting out of an accident in spite being drowned in blood just to play his set. The passion in him can be clearly seen, another important value that needs to be instilled in people who dreams big. Commitment and passion works hand in hand. He gave up once, but the drive to achieve that goal of his was still there.

In line with this, we should also remember to not stop doing it. Yes, like that Shia LaBeouf meme, just do it! Even though we’ve been doing great and a lot of people have been praising us, it must not get to our heads, we must still strive to work harder than we ever did. Because once we stop, it just means that we have given up in improving ourselves already.

To end this, one scene that I really liked the most because for me it basically sums up the whole movie is the part where in it can be seen that blood is all over the drum set. The drums symbolizes the passion of Andrew and the blood shows all the hard work, all the suffering, and all the sacrifices he did just to get there and to be able to play.

As a dancer and a college student, I really liked this movie. It’s so authentic because it showed so much of what I experience every day. People around you trying to challenge you if you will give up. The struggle of thinking if you should push though or just let it go. This movie is for artists, for people who dream big, and for everyone who has a goal in life that needs to be achieved.



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