To The Boy Who Boosted Up My Self-Esteem

They keep on asking me what are the things that I liked about you. Well, I won’t be giving you or anyone a list because there’s too much explanation for each of them and a “list” doesn’t sound long enough for me. So here I am, writing you this letter, where I will be telling you stories of things and why I liked this and that.

Let me start off with how simple you are. You just don’t know how to be extraordinary. You’re not that typical crush that I have who astonishes me every single time he would pass by me. You’re that type of guy who I would just sneak a glance on because that’s enough. You’re not that much of a star even though my friends keeps on telling me that you look good. I would never take a second look on you because just seeing you for the first time was already enough, you’re simple like that.

What amazes me is when you become extraordinary–you’re just extraordinary. I like it when you show off. I like it when you show us your passion to do things your way. I really like it when you speak out. You’re never afraid and that makes you extraordinary for me. The way you talk about the things you like to do. The way you use your words to describe how you feel. It seems like you’re vulnerable enough for us to sympathize you and your feelings. And I like that because you’re not the type who wears masks just to stay calm and all. The way you move your body to the sound of every beat that comes off of the stereo. It’s as if you were hiding all these spark inside you as much as possible and then boom, you just decide to be something different and it would surprise us and I like that so much.

And you just like sharing your ideas to everyone. You were never selfish. Okay, maybe there were times when you were choosing things because it favors you, but most of the time, you were there for everyone—including me. You were concerned for everyone. You were there to help us. And I liked it. I like how you would tell us the wrong things we did and the right things we did which empowers us to not or to keep doing it. It helps a lot, I tell you, it does.

To see you talk about all these things that make you passionate enough to do it satisfies my hunger for loyal people.

You know what I like the most about liking you, it’s that pressure I feel to be like you. I so admire every little thing that you do for us—for me. Your simple thank you’s. Your humbleness. Your ability to see what we are not capable of seeing. You make me feel to want to be the best that I can be. You’re my motivation to do things so well. You’re my inspiration every single day. You’re my invitation to a good deeds party. You made me feel like I am worth it. Even though there are times where in you would just ignore my presence and not acknowledge me, at all. I can still feel like I am appreciated and that, for once, somebody knows me, like really knows me. Thank you.


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