In a Span of Two Years, So Much Happened Already

Two years ago, my high school graduation happened and a few weeks after that event suddenly it was the start of my four month vacation and my friends were already in their own colleges. I was depressed and sad and I didn’t know who to talk to because change started to happen. I got scared that people might have forgotten about me. But no, people were still there. Until now. Now those people start to drift away, and not even slowly. They just go.

It’s sad to see them go and it just makes me sadder to see them go to a really different path—a really bad path. Upon hearing things about them that made me think how much they have changed, I didn’t know what to feel. Should I be mad because they were choosing the wrong decisions and because they’re doing something that I’m pretty sure they’ll regret after? Should I be sad for them because I feel like they’re just doing these things because they feel the need to because of the pressure their environment is giving them? It’s a mix of emotions.

I have to say that I’m doing better compared to them. And now I’m concerned if it’s a good thing or a bad thing? Am I not experiencing being alive because I’m not doing things they’re doing? Am I not really happy because they can do things that I can’t do? Or should I be thankful because I’m not in their place which is a really really bad place?

Two years ago we were just graduates from a Catholic school who taught us to be as pure and moral as we can. Two years ago we were just on the brisk of college. Two years ago it was not like this. Two years ago I did not expect for them to change. Two years ago they were different people—we were different kind of people. Two years ago we were friends and now we’re not.


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