When Talking About Being In A Relationship

Now that I’m growing up, the idea of a prince charming is not really in the bag right now. I’m not expecting for a romantic guy, for someone to die for me, for someone who would be there for me all the time, or for someone who will tell me that they love me.

Now that I’ve lived for seventeen years and has seen a lot of changes in the society I started thinking that I should be practical and careful of my feelings. I’m looking for someone who isn’t narcissistic and would act crazy with me, someone who would understand my thoughts about death and then cheer me up and tell me that everything is going to be fine with a big hug, someone who would understand that sometimes all I need is space and someone who would not need to tell me that they love me but by just being a partner is enough for me to make me feel that he truly does love me.


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