To All The Boys I’ve Written About

You were the subject of my sentences. You were that boy in a poem I wrote two years ago. You were the boy who plays the guitar and knows how to sing well in my stories. You are all the boys I’ve liked before.

You is that boy I loved when I was in my third year of high school. You is that boy who was my summer love. You is that boy who got away. You is that boy who I thought was already the one. You is my “what if’s.”

You is every boy I found interesting enough to be in my imaginations and words.

To all the boys who were a character in my stories

Maybe I am addicted to the fact that we are all capable of making our own stories—true or not. Maybe I like the fact that I can make up things using my own imagination without the need to ask permission from anyone. Maybe because I am obsessed with thinking about someone and me and what we could have been or could be.

But just to you know, as much as possible, I want my stories to be as authentic as how I experienced those things with someone in real life. I want them to know that you’re that guy that everybody loves or that guy that I love.

The boys who were in my stories were the boys who really made an impact in my life. You know that sudden burst of inspiration once something happened to a writer and they suddenly want to write about it. Those were the kind of boys that I keep writing about in my stories.

 To all the boys who were a metaphor in my poems

You were the sunshine. You were the flower. You were the moon. You were everything I could ever think of because it’s either that’s how much I like you or that’s how much I got hurt.

The boys who were in my poems were the boys who were so close yet so far. They were the ones who made me feel the butterflies yet I barely know them. Poems are very special to me. So, the boys who were in poems are the ones who were special at least once or better yet, they made me feel special.

 To all the boys who were the subject of my essays

It was all a burst of emotions and true feelings. Those essays were the things I wanted to say to the boys who I met and they made me feel like we were meant for each other. Those words came from deep inside me who couldn’t say the things she wants to say out loud to you.

Funny how talking about you made me write a three paragraph essay. And it’s all just about you. That’s how much I like you.

To all the boys I’ve written about and will be writing about

I’m not really good with vocally saying things like “I like you,” or “I kind of have a thing for you.” I also lack experience with acting like I like you just so you can get the signal that I really like you. All I can do is this. With this, I can freely express myself and can express my emotions in a more mature and deep way. In a way that will make you feel that my feelings for you is something different and is not similar with all the other boys I’ve written about.

It all boils down to it’s either you became a huge part of me or someone who just passed by. Either way, I will still write about every moment whenever I’m with someone that I like.


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