Being in a group is different with being with a group

I usually don’t care about showbiz nonsense and all that shit. But last night I realized something more about a certain “issue” that is so important for people to know.

Late 2015, people in social media went crazy about this boy group called Hasht5. It was not because of their talent or their good looks, it was their posts on their Facebook page and the fact that they’re not good looking enough (and I’m just being honest here and not judgmental). They were using the wrong grammar. They were posting photos that were edited poorly. Of course, just like every mocked person, people were making fun of them. Mocking them in a way that they use sarcasm telling them that they were so hot and that they were their fan. It was crazy! But one certain person became famous than the other four members, it was Marlou. Marlou was…I don’t know. He was that person in your class who just likes the attention too much that it becomes so annoying because he keeps on bragging about it. He was the social media’s favorite person to mock. Until now.

Months passed and they became famous than I expected–than anyone expected. They were guesting on TV shows already. And Marlou was still trending on social media. Oh God, it was so irritating. Every single day I would stumble upon a photo or video of him and I was getting tired of it. It was not funny anymore.

Then earlier this year, Marlou apparently left Hasht5. Sigh. Doing a Zayn act, aye? After that day I saw that news post about him leaving the group, everything stayed normal. His face is still all around social media. Although I really don’t know why he left, I don’t care enough about it for me to search why. Anyway, I assumed Marlou and the rest of the boys was not in good terms because of that.

Last night I was watching GGV (Gandang Gabi Vice) and yes, Marlou was there alongside Lizquen (who just made my night a little bit sweeter because they were so cute!). No, Marlou was just there–he just made and appearance, he just made fun of himself, he was just there for entertainment. At one point, they talked about why he left Hasht5. And this is what he said:

“Nagkataon lang po na mas mas madaming oppotunities and dumating sakin…Okay naman po kami. Wala naman pong tampuhan.”

Finally, here comes the point of this post! Dude, I hate to break it to you but what’s the point of joining your group when all you care about is your popularity? Isn’t the reason why your group posted videos and made a Facebook page was because you all wanted to become famous? Then when you finally gained that, you left them. What the hell? Such a selfish and childish act. At least in Zayn’s point of view, he was there for almost five years with One Direction. He was there when they were slowly becoming famous. He was there through the ups and downs. He was really there. While Marlou and Hasht5 was only with each other for months and now they’re disbanded just because one member got famous.

It really pisses me off thinking about the fact that Marlou only thought about himself. He could’ve made a way to make his group at least famous enough to be recognized as well right? Damn it. Why do I even care about this? It’s because I hate selfish people. Please, think about others as well alright? Just a little advice: Everything’s not about you.


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