Feb Fair 2016

Last year, my Feb Fair experience was so awesome. There were lots of concert night. There were lots of screams. It was basically just my friends and I on the grounds, listening to some great music by bands, and we’re just fooling around. It was a breezy kind of experience.

My Feb Fair experience for this year officially started on a Tuesday after my 7-8 class at Forestry. And it continued for four days straight. I stayed up all night. I even got just three hours of sleep because of it. We played charades and all those stuff. It was so much fun. So fun compared from last year, to be honest. I do miss just chilling with people, but being with a group—a family—is so much better because we did things, we got to know each other more, and I got to be closer to them. The music was so good. Gloc-9 was the bomb. Spongecola was our background music during that last day of the fair. I loved the food, especially the never-ending mango shake madness that we had. Even though I really can’t do anything about it, one thing I hate about this kind of events is the fact that there was a mass of people. There were a lot of people and I just hate that. Anyway, it was fun and tiring at the same time. And oh so worth it.

Add up all the talks I had with certain people with the cool breeze of the night. It was like something I dreamed of except there was nothing really special about it, it was just hanging out with groups of people and being happy. And I guess that’s way more important. Right now, that’s what’s important for me. To make myself happy. To make the people around me happy.


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