I Feel So Motivated, Even If I’m Still Convincing Myself

I’ve been feeling motivated enough to do things I have never done before. Maybe because of the fact that I’ve also been experiencing things that I have never experienced before. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m slowly realizing things—things that are more important, things that will help me shape myself, and things that will help me leave a mark in this world.

Last Tuesday, a classmate actually talked to me after class. A class where in I know no one except obviously after the first day. It was really flattering and exciting at the same time. It was flattering enough for me to feel as if he really wanted to talk to me for a long time or was it just me or was it just because he wanted to ask about our exercise that day? Either way, it felt great. No one has ever done that to me, considering that I looked busy that time whilst walking so fast and trying to look for someone to eat lunch with. Quite exciting because the girl inside me wanted to squeal. It made me expect that he would talk to me again, I guess. I’ve also been asking questions to people and opening doors to opportunities that are important.

Am I thinking this way because it’s nearly February 14? And we all know what that day is all about.

Anyways, this week also made me realize that I really love to dance. And that I need more training and experience to help develop my ability. I really love how dancing takes away my stress from some people and other things that make me worry. I love how dancing helps me release the continuous flow of emotions. I love how this week challenges me to do better than I already am.

Nevertheless, I’m still having doubts about this motivation that I have right now. I’m scared that I might not be able to stick with it until the end. But I’m continuously convincing myself that being happy and passionate about things are important. You know how thoughts affects our feelings which can be seen by out actions? That’s what I’m trying to do right now. To talk my way out of the negative vibes and to try my best to turn those into positive’s.


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