Movie Review: Before Trilogy

Before Sunrise (1995)

This first part of the “trilogy” was all goody-good. It was a happy kind of movie.

Ah yes, it made me feel like I want to love again. It made me feel as if I wanted to be in a relationship with someone. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, it hits you right in the feels just like that. Sequencing was fantastic. The conversations was so surreal and so authentic. I like the script so much I think every line was worth quoting. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy has an undeniable chemistry. Their delivery of the lines was so realistic it made me feel like, somehow, it’s something that really happened.

I like the fact that it was not a cliché love story. Even though I’ve known plots like that already, the story-telling was so different it made me stick to the movie even though their lines was so long. And that’s it, the dialogues were so long yet so interesting that even I wanted to debate with them. To be short, it was greatly thought about.

The way the camera focuses on the places at the end of the movie captured something in me. It made me realize that memories mean so much more because of where it happened. The places where the best moments of your life happened will last forever and will be remembered until the last day of your life. Because of that it just made me want them to not say goodbye to each other.

Before Sunset (2004)

Everything is so different in this second part, this part made me think. Like really, think.

But one thing did not change. The way the characters conversed was still authentic. They still argue about real stuff–about life, love, and their beliefs. But how can one thing not change when this movie happened nine years after the first one? The development of the characters from the first movie was easily seen. They were more mature and practical about things. They have been opened to more things in the real world in this movie. They’re not the young adults that they were in Before Sunrise anymore, they’re really adults in this one. They’re more vulnerable in this movie.

Yes, like I said, this movie made me think so much about what I would do if I were in their situation. Compared to the first movie, that just made me want to have something that they have, this made me wish that I was not in any of their position because everything was so stressful. This were a movie full of what ifs. What if I chose you? What if I were there? What if it was the two of us? So many what ifs it made me want to change the whole story instead of sticking with what I was watching. But like someone in the movie said, maybe it was fate doing its work.

The settings still played a huge role on this movie and that’s just wonderful.

The cliffhanger in the end was so horrible it made me want to watch the third movie already even though the person who recommended me this movie said to watch the third movie after a day I watched the first two. So yeah, I watched the third already.

Oh yeah, Before Sunset made me want to love a writer. Who wouldn’t want for someone to write about you and see things from their point of view?

Before Midnight (2013)

So adult. But still so authentic and so tests your beliefs about marriage and love.

I’ve been hearing people saying that once you’re married, your only goal is to know how to stick with that person, to never get bored of them, and to learn how to be patient with them. I know people still fall out of love once married. I know that married people still find other people attractive. And this third part of the trilogy just proved that to me.

This part showed how different their lives have been since that puppy love that started way back in Summer of ’94. They’re now parents with the one having problems with his ex-wife and the other one having problems with what job to take. Mostly showed husband-wife issues. It also showed me that you can still fall in love with someone despite how misunderstanding they would become. That you can fall in love with someone all over again with just remembering the way you two were yesterday.


I highly recommend this trilogy to movie junkies who like movies because of how it hits you in the emotions because conversations here are so authentic and real that it would be like it’s your mind doing the talking. There are quotable lines everywhere, I assure you. Special shout out to the person who recommended and gave me a copy of these movies. Love you.

I forgot to mention that this trilogy made me want to have trip to Europe. By myself, hoping that I might find my own love life there. Kidding.


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