I Think I Fell In Like With You All Over Again

The first time I saw you it felt nostalgic.

It felt as if it was the first time we saw each other again. Well, technically, it really was since it was months ago since I saw you. But that Friday morning that our paths crossed for the first time this year, it felt as if you were there to take my heart back and to bring it anywhere you want because since that day it’s as if you took my mind and heart all over again. I suddenly realized that I still like that tall stance of yours. That lips of yours that hummed a song while you passed by me. That hair that’s messy most of the time. You made my heart skip a beat. You made me feel alive again.

The second time I saw you it was fast and inspiring.

It was a Tuesday and I was glad I didn’t ran to get to my next class, that’s why I was quite early for my next class. It was a different kind of day for me. I was feeling girly and dressed up that day because of the skirt I was wearing. Thankfully, I saw an acquaintance outside the lecture hall and as if some light flew right in front of me because you were suddenly there. I didn’t know your schedule since you did not post in anywhere on you social media accounts. It was really overwhelming, you know? Well, that really left a smile on my face the whole day.

The third time I saw you I proved that you’re really a different kind.

It was after our second day of training. I was wearing our red support shirt. I smelled like sweat. I stopped over at 7-eleven to buy myself something to eat. That’s when I saw you, sporting that pink shirt that looked perfect on you. But you were with a girl and you two were laughing and smiling to each other. You two were so playful and I was feeling…jealous? I don’t know? Uncomfortable? And as if life was playing with me, you stood next to me waiting for our turn on the cashier. And as if life continued to fool with me, you were the first one to pay and you two went out immediately and continued to be cute and all. I was like, “Damn it.” I wanted to cry. I wanted you. I like you, that’s why. And I suck because you still don’t know anything about this feelings. I felt like I was just one pathetic fan girl, but in reality, we can have a chance because we’re studying in one university with mutual friends and all. And I still suck because I still want to go up to you and tell you that I like you whatever you are.

The fourth time I saw you, I saw what I’m going to be if I continue this.

It was after my eight to nine AM class and after I went to somewhere important. My friend called me while I walking to where I was supposed to meet them, and then you were there, walking with a friend of yours I supposed. We were inches far from each other and I had a smile on me and that was the longest minutes of my life. That’s when I ask myself, “Will it be going to be like this all throughout my college life? Will I just chase him even though he’s just so near because he is still yet so far?” I was looking at you’re the Hobbit drawstring bag. I was looking at how tall you are and how beautiful you are. I sound really creepy but I really do like you. And I hate myself for not doing anything about it. I can’t just let myself stand there doing nothing with my feelings especially now that I’m sure you’re the one I like.


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