To The Person I Recently Rejected

It’s not you, it’s me.

I really feel like it was all my fault that it had to end up like this. It was my choice to entertain you in the first place, right? It was my choice to talk to you for a month. It was my choice to stick with you just because I had no one else to talk to. It was my choice that I need to keep talking to you because you make me feel special. It’s me. Don’t blame yourself. You’re good, you’re really really nice. It’s just that, it’s me.

We don’t really meet half-way.

We’re complete opposites and I hope you understand that. And if you don’t understand–that one simple thing–we’re really not going to understand each other. I don’t like the things you like. We don’t believe in the same things. You just make me feel like everything I believe in is a mistake and that sucks. You kind of make me feel like I don’t want to hang out with you because if I did, I would just explain myself and I hate explaining. I like people who understands and accepts everything I think of. I just need someone who will listen and not make any comment about anything I say or do.

Basically, you want me to change for you vis-a-vis.

Remember that time I told you that I just want to be lazy and that I just want to slack off, and then you made a comment that I must change? Remember that time I explicitly told you that I have such a dirty mind and that I am nasty and you made another comment that I need to change? NEWS FLASH: I’m not here to please you. On the other hand, you don’t need to change for me just because you want me to like you back.

Your immaturity disgusts me.

The way you tell your jokes, the way you react on certain things, and just the way you are is disgustingly childish. Judgmental as this sounds but I seriously need someone who’s serious and mature enough to understand things. I’m not here for day care, I’m open for relationships who understands the meaning of personal space. I don’t want anyone clingy, even though I myself is clingy (sometimes). This is too harsh but I need to say that just looking at you irritates the shit out of me.

Please, for now, stay away.

Even though I’m the one who rejected you, please give me time to get over the fact that I hurt someone who made me feel appreciated and special. Don’t just suddenly barge in and tell me things that will make me feel more guilty than ever. So for now, I need you to stay away from me and my thoughts. I need my personal space. I need some more happiness before I’m ready to be friends with you again.


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