It’s About Time To Make It All About Me.

Being a college girl really makes me feel like I need to be independent and that I should be able to make choices for myself. Choices that will make me happy, choices that will not harm other people, and most importantly, choices that will make a change in my life.

The first week was undeniably exhausting. I tell you. It felt like I stayed a month in Elbi already when really I was just there for a week. Maybe it was the hustle and bustles of registration period. Maybe it was the demand for getting slots. Maybe it was the separation anxiety of people that they suddenly want to spend more time with you. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that at least my first week was happy. I was happy. I am happy. I was happy with the decisions I made for the first week.

I made my first week  of the second semester all about me, like really all about me. Of course, I was still concerned of what other people might feel once I made a decision but I just like the feeling doing things for myself–for my happiness to be exact. I want to be happy. I’m so glad I was able to talk to people and I’m very happy I know people in my classes except for two of my subjects (which totally sucks but it’s okay since I’m open for new friends).

Am I mad enough to expect that this semester will be awesome as this week since it started out pretty well? Well, if yes. Then I am really a mad one.

Oh, and yeah. Just to end my week right, I saw that one inspiration that I have for coping up every semester. It just feels right walking up right next to him. What really sucks about this is that he has no idea who I am (or does he?), and that he has no idea that I like him.

Here’s to my fourth semester!


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